How to Verify Genuine HP Toners

Genuine Hp Toners and Cartridges

When you are in the market to buy your Hp Toners and Cartridges, there is a need to settle for the right one. You will enjoy numerous benefits when you make the right decision and purchase genuine Hp Toners and Cartridges.

One such benefit is that you will enjoy value for your money. Finding genuine HP toner and cartridges lowers the total cost of printing. You will avoid the cost of reprints and enjoy high-quality results if you choose genuine HP toners over counterfeit ones.

The genuine HP Toner and cartridges will also come with proven reliability. The manufacturers of genuine HP toners have invested more than 20 years of research and development to ensure that you avoid leakage or messy prints as is the case with counterfeit models. Choosing a genuine replacement for your current toner or cartridges will also ensure fast and efficient printing in your business, and this works to enhance overall productivity. Keep reading to learn how to identify genuine HP toners and cartridges.

One of the most straightforward ways to verify any given product is the use of QR codes. One can scan the QR code on the cartridge’s security seal using the HP SureSupply app or the generic QR code reader. In a case when you are unable to capture the QR codes using your smartphone, you can validate the product online through the HP website.

Another useful tip when purchasing toner and cartridges is checking the label. One needs to identify the security label on the cartridge’s box. When you move it up and down or back and forth, the color ought to change, or the ‘OK’ should move across the label.

One can also easily tell whether the HP toner and cartridges they are about to purchase are genuine by checking the packaging. HP company will only sell their products with premium quality packaging. You can always trust Shoptech for Genuine HP toners in Kenya.

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