How Do You Recognize Genuine Canon Toners

When To Replace Your Canon Toners

Are you in the market looking to replace your current ink and toners? There are plenty of benefits you will enjoy if you choose to only purchase genuine canon toners. There is need to excise caution before investing in any canon products, considering that one might end up with counterfeit products.

Buying counterfeit canon toners will affect the productivity of your printer. Apart from impacting the performance of your equipment, you will also experience low quality print and toner leakage if you end up purchasing counterfeit products. On the other hand, when you buy genuine products, you will enjoy high quality prints, consistency and save yourself money. You will also avoid the hassle or going back to the market often to find toners.

How to determine whether the Canon toner you are about to purchase is genuine.

The most straightforward way to determine if the canon toner you are purchasing is genuine is checking the hologram. In every packaging of genuine canon ink cartridges, a unique color-changing Canon hologram is included. When you tilt the hologram horizontally, it appears iridescent green, when you view from the front, it appears iridescent gold.

In the case of counterfeit products, the fake hologram doesn’t change colors when viewed from different angles. The hologram might even appear damaged or blurred. In some cases, they are packaged in the wrong size, color, or in an untidy way. Cases of spelling errors, or packaging that has been reused, resealed or tampered with might also mean that the products are not genuine.

When out to find the genuine Canon toners, there is a need to focus on the logo. Genuine cartridges will not only come with color-changing technology, but they are packaged with premium packaging accompanied by genuine Canon logo on the outside of the package.

The easiest way to find genuine products is choosing a reliable dealer. Finding a reputable dealer such as Shoptech will certainly guarantee that you obtain quality and genuine canon toners to keep your printers working perfectly.

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