When To Replace Your Canon Toners

When To Replace Your Canon Toners

Almost every business, institution, and even individuals depend on printers in one way or the other. Even in modern times when we depend on digital platforms to share and store data, printers remain an essential part of our daily activities. Keeping your printers working efficiently is therefor imperative. One of the ways to improve the printers’ performance is determining the right time to replace your toners.

How you determine Your Canon printer toners is running out

There is no accurate way to evaluate how long your printer toner will last. However, can predict when they are getting close to the end and thus order a replacement. One of the signs that your toner is running out is the lower toner warning on the exterior of the printer. The warning indicates that you need a replacement for your cartridge. However, you will have a chance to complete a number of prints before its depletion.

Apart from the warning by your printer, one can also tell that its time to replace the toner by checking the quality of the prints. In most cases, when you are nearing the end, the prints tend to become discolored, faded, or streaky.

When to replace your Canon toner and cartridges

How soon one needs to replace their canon toner and cartridges in Kenya depends on how important print quality is in your business. In the case of companies that want to offer high quality prints to their clients, there is a need to replace the cartridges as soon as they learn that they are running low. This will help you avoid discolored, fading or streaky prints. In the case where you do not focus as much on the quality of the prints, you can continue using your toners until the text is illegible.

Regardless of when you choose to replace canon cartridges, you need to have printer toner on hand, to avoid cases of downtime in your business. You can place your order online at the leading dealers in Kenya such as Shoptech.

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