If you are out to find quality Ricoh drum parts, there are numerous reasons to make Shoptech your number one dealer. The drum unit is a core part of the laser printer, and it has an effect on the quality of printouts that one obtains. When you are getting blank spaces on your printed documents, blurry printouts, or big black spots, it is an indication that the drum unit is not functioning optimally. Modern printers will even show an error message indicating that you should change your drum unit. Here are some reasons to purchase drum units and parts at Shoptech.

Save time: Shoptech is an online store. One only needs to use their smartphone to visit our online store and view a variety of Ricoh drum parts that are in stock. Once you place your order, we will deliver in good time, thus saving you from downtime. We deliver within Nairobi as well as all over the country. This works to enhance productivity in your organization.

Save money: Every individual or business wants to save some cash when in the market for printer consumables. We will help you achieve this goal, considering that we sell all our products at the best reseller prices. We offer the most competitive prices in Nairobi. You will also enjoy free delivery for any products you purchase from our shop.

Genuine products: If you are looking for original Ricoh drum parts, then Shoptech is your ideal dealer. We are an authorized stockist and we only sell authentic printer consumables. You will get a free replacement for any drum parts with manufacturing defects when you purchase from our Shoptech.

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